Chiropractors work to relieve neuromusculoskeletal (nerve, muscle and joint) complaints to aid in the reduction of back pain, neck pain, limb and joint pain, headaches, some migraines, sporting injuries and much more. A well functioning muscular and skeletal system paves the way to reduce nerve interference and joint dysfunction and helps to promote a healthy body and spine.

Of course, having a well functioning nervous system may have other far reaching effects and there is plenty of anecdotal and scientific evidence of chiropractic helping a multitude of other afflictions. You are welcome to google or access Pubmed to fully inform yourself on the growing body of scientific literature about chiropractic. For example “PubMed chiropractic and pregnancy” or “PubMed chiropractic and ear infection”. PubMed is and online public access to the National Library of Medicine.

Chiropractic is a way of helping people without drugs and surgery, and is safe and effective during pregnancy, from birth and beyond. Each adjustment is tailored to the individual and a thorough history, examination and checks are performed to ensure you are a suitable chiropractic candidate. A referral for x-rays or further investigation is rarely required prior to starting treatment, although you will be referred for x-ray if required.

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