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I am Dr Claire Raggio Ballinger. This is my website for my Chiropractic practice at
51 Adelaide Road, Gawler South SA.

Here, as I treat you for your chiropractic and spinal health, I hope you find my skills and experience helpful and that you feel safe and relaxed and get the attention your body needs.

I use a combination of gentle chiropractic techniques, soft tissue techniques, and the options of dry needling techniques, exercises and nutritional advice to improve your spinal function and health. As a chiropractor, mother and home birther I understand the importance of gentle, holistic and natural health options.

Your spine is the information superhighway from your brain to your organs and muscles. You brush your teeth and have dental checks, you have your eyes tested and wear glasses if necessary, you exercise and eat well to nourish your muscles and body. So what controls your bones, senses, organs and muscles? Your brain and nervous system – which is encased in your skull and spinal column before branching off to your organs and muscles. It makes sense then that keeping your spine, pelvis, cranium and joints all moving freely and without restriction will help your body function well.

Does a bandaid heal a cut? Or does your body heal the cut under the protection of a bandaid? Chiropractors don’t ‘treat’ any particular diseases. Chiropractors help restore function and movement to your joints and spine. When your joints are free to move and your nervous system is able to communicate with the rest of the body, your amazing body is able to take care of itself.

Chiropractic first came into my life when I was a child soon after watching my mother in the hospital struggling in traction for a ‘slipped disc’ (disc prolapse). She had injured it carrying shopping and ended up on the floor in the lounge room unable to move. The doctor called and gave her enough medication to get her into bed. She was taken to hospital the next day. After a week she came out of hospital but was still in pain and relapsed soon after. My father was selling a house for a chiropractor at the time and this chiropractor agreed to see my mother. My mother soon recovered without another hospital visit and heavy medication. When my dad injured his back, the chiropractor saw him the next day and he recovered quickly. My brother and I got adjusted too. I stopped turning my ankles at netball and getting headaches, my brother’s health improved too.

Chiropractic is hands-on and gentle. For me and my entire family, chiropractic is as important as brushing teeth, great nutrition and exercise. Keeping your body moving and functioning is not an option or a way of life – it is life. I’ve had chiropractic care through all of my pregnancies. I have checked each of my children after their births and regularly all through their lives. If my husband even hints at getting adjusted, he has to wait at the end as the three kids battle each other to be the first on the table.

I have read extensively on natural births and have had three midwife-assisted home births myself. My patients are welcome to access my lending library on natural birth and natural parenting at any time.

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